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**Average class time is approximately 2 hours, depending on class size,
student interaction and the material being presented..
Minimum number of students per class is 3.

Personal Growth

*Learning to love yourself
Course Description
The foundation of self-love and positive esteem is based in a true belief in yourself and in having
in your qualities and capabilities. It requires trusting your intuition, judgment and choices. It is also vital to understand,
accept and appreciate the benefits of your limitations. The inner environment we have created from our past and the present
determines the paths we take and will dictate our future.

This class will assist you in getting in touch with your inner beauty, teach you to love the self that lies within, how to turn your
pain into power and how to have a positive and more productive future. Isn’t it time you lived your dreams?

*Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies
Course Description
Every relationship experiences conflict as we are all governed by the dictates of human nature. Disputes arise between spouses,
children, family and friends, neighbors, ethnic and racial groups, co-workers, bosses, organizations and communities. Having the
skills and knowledge necessary to resolve conflict is a beneficial asset. There is a need to understand and satisfy all interests, build
and maintain relationships and minimize suffering. It is vital that the atmosphere be conducive to open and stress free communication
where all concerns can be expressed and then addressed to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. We will offer strategies
and action plans for successful conflict resolution that will be useful in all areas of life.

*Communication 101
Course description
Being empowered and in control of your life begins with your communication skills. The ability to communicate well is a vital component
in owning your own power and determines the paths you ultimately take in life. It can dictate your career status, dating, relationship &
marital success, it affects how you relate to family, friends and how effective you are as a parent.  Empowered Solutions offers personal
and professional communication workshops. We will help you perfect your listening skills and to clearly and confidently state yourself
with intent, authority and conviction in all areas of your life..


*Become a Wedding Officiant
Course Description
Has the economy affected your budget? Are you considering other ways to fill in the gaps? Have you considered owning your own
business?  This class can offer both. What better way to earn a living than sharing in such a powerful, intimate experience as couples
joining as one in marriage? This class offers the tools needed to begin your journey. Leave class certified as an ordained minister and
ready to begin a new and exciting career.

****This class requires a $10.00 materials fee

Dating & Relationships

*The Art of Internet Dating  
Course Description
Today’s high tech dating scene affords us great opportunities that weren’t available in years past.  It allows us to meet people from
around the world, expanding our possibilities and increasing our choices. This new dating format opens many doors but is often complex,
and maneuvering through the maze can be frustrating and overwhelming. Empowered Solutions will help you navigate through the
process safely as well as discuss what to expect from your experience and address any concerns. This workshop will offer assistance
with creating your online dating space and will include a profile preparation exercise.

*Who’s Cheating Who?  Profile, Prevention, Cure
Course Description
What is Cheating?  It is a multi-faceted, complex reaction stemming from many different places within the human psyche. It involves
compatibility, basic human needs and filling voids.  It is about human nature and making well-informed decisions. Cheating is the greatest
contributor to the high rate of divorce plaguing our country today.  One who cheats would best be described as any partner ‘who falls
short of satisfying the needs, expectations and hopes of another’. Is the cheater then a perpetrator or a victim? Who determines the rules
that constitute cheating? Is cheating always about sex? Do we cheat ourselves by making bad choices?  Our staff will answer these
questions; provide clarity, understanding and options for this age-old phenomenon.   

*Premarital Workshop

How Ready Are You For A Commitment?
A Premarital Workshop For Couples Considering a Long Term Commitment  
Successful relationships and marriages take commitment, effort, fortitude, dedication, planning and good communication skills. This
premarital workshop will help couples achieve and maintain the level of success and marital bliss they now dream of.  We will address
commitment readiness, communication skills and integrating growth, dealing with external influences and stresses, and sexual intimacy
issues which all contribute to our nation’s high rate of divorce. Planning for success will command success.  

Sex & Sensuality

*Holistic Sexuality
Course Description
This class will offer an approach to the sexual experience that is designed to promote a heightened awareness and more intense
level of pleasure.   We will teach you creative ways to awaken and stimulate sexual desire as well as how to provoke and capture
your sensuality. You will discover hot spots in the psyche, learn how to channel sexual energy & how to use knowledge, intuition
and creativity for a more complete sexual happening.  

*Spice Up Your Love Life
Course Description
Throw out the Viagra and let nature take its course. Learn to transform an ordinary sexual experience into an erotic awakening with
the addition of ordinary kitchen herbs and spices. Discover new and exciting ways to create and stimulate, using common household
items as well as sensual toys and accessories. This class will offer you creative ways to awaken and stimulate sexual desire, add spice
and thrills as well as how to provoke and capture sensual moments. You will discover hot spots in the psyche and learn how to channel
sexual energy for a more complete sexual happening. Add spice to your sex life and enhance your solo adventures by joining us as we
reveal the hidden secrets  

*It’s All About Sex
Course Description
This class will offer hints, tips and practical advice in all areas of the sexual experience. We will discuss an approach to sex and
sensuality, which is designed to promote a heightened awareness and more intense level of pleasure.  Judy Barton, relationship
coach, will teach you creative ways to awaken and stimulate sexual desire in your partner as well as how to provoke and capture
your own sensuality. You will discover hot spots in the psyche, learn how to channel sexual energy & explore the limitless possibilities
that will promote a more holistic sexual experience.  

The information in the classes offered are designed in general. They are meant to be informative, thought provoking, motivational,
provide inspiration and above all promote growth.  Any decisions you make, based on the material provided, will be of your own
choosing and desire to make positive changes in your life. You will be accepting responsibility for your own actions.  Because the
staff has no personal knowledge of your life and/or relationship situation, we are unable to direct or dictate which path to choose.
The coach does not accept responsibility for the decisions you make in that regard


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